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Children of Promise Ministries (CHIPROM) is an orphanage and transition home located in Ibadan, Nigeria

Established April 2007

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We rescue, advocate & care for orphans & vulnerable children

The Promise of God is True; The Promise of God is Real The Promise of God is eternal, For He will supply all our needs according to His riches in Glory in Jesus Christ,(Phil. 4:19)

For He who Promises is Faithful (Heb. 10:23)

At the Ibadan Children Transition Home, the average number of children at any particular time is twenty.  Their ages ranges from a day old to fourteen.  The children can be referred by a community leader, pastor or from the Social Welfare departments.  Sometimes, we receive a child through referral by neighbours or the juvenile court system.  The good thing about the composition of the children and our services is that we encourage the high rate of turnover which occurs through adoption or reunification with nucleus family.  To each of the child that comes into our home there is a different story and history.  However, regardless of the story and history, the love shown from intake often always calms the fear and emotional hurts of most of the children.  Since the challenges that brought these children together differs, we often responds and treat each child differently attending to the most important emotional and physical hurts of each child.

All the children of school age attend school from nursery to high school.  Most of the grownup children have routine within the house and they assist the caregivers from time to time.

When invited to churches, the children participate in the service by presenting rhymes, songs and choruses to the congregation.

In all, CHIPROM works hard to find a permanent home for each child within a reasonable time frame.  Because of the limited support we receive, it only enables us to carry on these child-rescue and care services in a limited form.  More children need to be rescued on a daily basis.  PLEASE JOIN OUR EFFORT.

Refer a Child Program

CHIPROM strongly believes that every child deserves the right to live in a secure and loving home. Our environment is not only changing, but it thrives on our compassion and drive. Even though we work tirelessly with many disadvantged, displaced and orphaned children, it is still very important that we continue to reach other children that may need our help.

If you know of a child or orphan in need of care, please write or give us a call at 0803405-3418 / 0805415-4722 / 02-2007872.